Ecoport Technology

The FourCycle Technology

Siqens Ecoport 4CycleTec Until now, fuel cells failed to cover all requirements of an efficient, modern and sustainable off-grid energy production system. Siqens changed this by developing a new class of fuel cell combining Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DFMC) and High Temperature Fuel Cells (HT-PEM) into a new concept, the High Temperature Methanol Fuel Cell (HT-MFC). The resulting HT-MFC combines the excellent advantages of the two traditional concepts. The technical challenge was solved successfully through a broad portfolio of innovations – the 4CycleTec and a high efficiency air cooled stack.

The 4CycleTec recycles the key media and energy flows in the system by recycling energy (heat and hydrogen fuel) as well as process media (water and catalyst). This technology is protected by four strong patent families (EU, Asia and USA), referring to internal fuel supply, Methanol reforming integrated in the fuel cell stack, a heat exchanger, and catalyst recycling in the MEA.

The 4CycleTec is fully integrated within the Ecoport 800, SIQENS’ core product, and supplies clean energy and the safe, silent, emissions-free and low-maintenance operation in all climate zones and at any time.


  • Advantage: Fuel efficient
  • Improved technical solution: Up to 40% electrical efficency makes it the most efficient fuel cell of its kind


  • Advantage: Standard fuel
  • Improved technical solution: Technical methanol is a industry standard, cost-efficient and everywhere available


  • Advantage: Durable
  • Improved technical solution: Careful operation management allows a life expectance of up to 10,000 hours


  • Advantage: Inexpensive & robust
  • Improved technical solution: A novel supply cycle makes the system inexpensive and robust.