Siqens Ecoport for e-mobility and range extension

Mobile Independence

Any comfort application (heating, air conditioning, multimedia, etc.) can be operated without the need to run the engine or reduce the vehicle range. This decoupling of movement and comfort gives you more freedom and improves your ecological footprint.

Siqens’ fuel cell can extend the range of electric cars.

Ecoport as the ideal APU

Ecoport is ideal as an APU because it provides heat and electricity and thus achieves an efficiency of more than 80%. With up to 800 watts (peak) of electrical power, even large energy consumers such as air-conditioning systems can be operated. In addition, Ecoport can provide up to 1.4 kW thermal power to heat the passenger cabin or protect the batteries against depth discharge.

Key points

  • Efficiency > 80%
  • Up to 800W (Peak) electrical power
  • Up to 1.4 kW thermal energy