Initially, many construction sites have no power grid available. Nevertheless, there is an immediate power need for technical installations or security technology. Examples are beacon lights of wind parks or major construction projects in remote regions.

Specific advantages of the Ecoport 800:

  • Durable and reliable power in all climate zones
  • Easy integration even during winter operations
  • Silent and pollution free solution that credits the sustainability of a company

Measuring Technology

Collecting data often involves supplying a lot of measuring equipment in remote areas with the necessary power. Examples include measuring weather conditions, collecting geological or hydrological data or monitoring construction deformations on bridges or railways through traffic. Often these measurements are temporary projects running for several weeks or months.

Specific advantages of Ecoport 800:

  • Allows months of operation without any user involvement
  • Freezable system with low fuel consumption even during winter
  • Power reserve for additional measuring points or extra equipment

Security and Surveillance

Whether securing frontiers, observing objects or persons or guarding properties – camera surveillance needs energy.

Specific advantages of the Ecoport 800:

  • Non-detectable through silent operation, rapid refilling of batteries and infrequent refueling intervals
  • Power reserve for additional equipment