Ecoport 800: Addition to Off-Grid Home Energy

Connecting to Civilisation

Ecoport 800 is the perfect addition to off-grid home systems. It compensates photovoltaic installations and batteries where they are weak – during low solar radiation and cold temperatures. Ecoport produces absolutely reliable heat and electricity all the year round. By combining heat and power operation, Ecoport reaches high efficiency and can protect batteries from depth discharge.

Ecoport 800 is remotely controllable via a web-interface. Switching the system on or off is possible from anywhere in the world. Also the key indicators can be monitored via the Internet.

Key advantages

  • Reliable power all the year round
  • High efficiency
  • Worldwide remote control via web interface

Successful demo project with TinyHouse “Max”

Since September 2018, an EcoCabinet has been connected to the “Max” TinyHouse at the Tegernsee close to the Bavarian Alps. It provides reliable backup power for the solar-charged battery. This is what real self-sufficiency looks like! Read more…

Siqens EcoCabinet und Ecoport Almwagen Max Tegernsee