The world needs off-grid energy

SIQENS – Clean Energy, Anywhere.

Siqens offers a leading new generation of fuel cell technology for worldwide off-grid energy supply and hybrid e-mobility. The superior battery charger in the low kW range provides electricity and heat anywhere and anytime. We replace the diesel generator. Methanol is the clean fuel for the future – cheap, safe and easily available. We offer you and your customers the best energy source for the expanding off-grid markets.

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Siqens Methanol Brennstoffzelle

The best fuel cell technology in the lower kW range

Economic efficiency:

Low operating costs due to outstanding system efficiency and use of methanol as an inexpensive liquid fuel.

Protects people and the environment:

No exhaust fumes, no noise, high efficiency through combined heat and power, low CO2 emissions.

Unlimited use:

Charges batteries automatically and maintenance-free in all climatic zones. Easy remote monitoring via web application.

Batteries run longer:

Increased battery life, warm in winter and cool in summer, extended range, greater safety.

The application areas for Siqens fuel cell technology