Siqens GmbH statement on the current situation (COVID-19)

The current situation regarding the coronavirus is unprecedented and dynamic.

Health authorities continue to aim at detecting individual infections as early as possible and delaying the further spread of the virus as much as possible.

As the health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers is extremely important to us, we have taken additional measures to ensure the safety of everyone, in addition to the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Our employees currently work in independent shifts. This ensures availability. As the two teams have no physical contact with each other, our communication and delivery capability is guaranteed even in the event of a necessary quarantine.

Due to the reduced team size on site, the instruction to keep the specified minimum distance of 1.5m can also be implemented more easily.

Employees who show cold or flu symptoms themselves or who have or have had contact with sick family members remain completely in the home office at the moment.

All appointments, business trips and internal meetings will be carried out online or postponed accordingly until further notice. All employees have a furnished home office space and can use various alternative communication options to make the appropriate appointments.

Only Siqens employees have access to our facilities.

We thank our employees, customers, investors, partners & prospects for their understanding and support during this difficult time.

Further information about the coronavirus (COVID-19), you can find here (WHO) or here (RKI).

Delivery, shipping and service

Our partners and suppliers are also currently implementing plans to combat the pandemic. We are in active communication with them to ensure that we can continue to guarantee our delivery and service capability.

Orders can still be placed, but delivery times may be longer due to limited availability of shipping companies.

For on-site installations we are in close contact with our customers to ensure the highest possible security for all parties involved at all times.

Stay healthy,

the team of Siqens GmbH

The world needs off-grid energy

SIQENS – Clean Energy, Anywhere.

Siqens offers a leading new generation of fuel cell technology for worldwide off-grid energy supply and hybrid e-mobility. The superior battery charger in the low kW range provides electricity and heat anywhere and anytime. We replace the diesel generator. Methanol is the clean fuel for the future – cheap, safe and easily available. We offer you and your customers the best energy source for the expanding off-grid markets.

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Siqens Methanol Brennstoffzelle

The best fuel cell technology in the lower kW range

Economic efficiency:

Low operating costs due to outstanding system efficiency and use of methanol as an inexpensive liquid fuel.

Protects people and the environment:

No exhaust fumes, no noise, high efficiency through combined heat and power, low CO2 emissions.

Unlimited use:

Charges batteries automatically and maintenance-free in all climatic zones. Easy remote monitoring via web application.

Batteries run longer:

Increased battery life, warm in winter and cool in summer, extended range, greater safety.

The application areas for Siqens fuel cell technology