SIQENS delivers PlugandPlay EcoCabinet to customer

Siqens EcoCabinet für die Autobahnmeisterei NordbayernToday, SIQENS delivered a fully integrated EcoCabinet to a customer, the Autobahndirektion Nordbayern, the motorway maintenance agency in northern Bavaria. Once installed, the system delivers silent, low-maintenance and clean power to construction site facilities on the A3/A73 motorway junction near Erlangen/Fürth. The fuel cell supplies the video cameras on the Overfly, the overpass between the A73 and A3 motorways, with reliable power.

The EcoCabinet (see product brochure), as an all-in-one PlugandPlay energy solution, contains the Ecoport fuel cell, control panel, modem, electrical distribution with fuses, 3 x 25 litre methanol cartridges, outdoor switch cabinet and battery. All components inside the cabinet are prepared for immediate use. Independent on-site commissioning by the customer is made as easy and straightforward as possible:

  • Install the EcoCabinet onsite
  • Connect the methanol cartridge
  • Connect the power cable to the user application.
  • Switch on the fuel cell
  • Ready to go!

Siqens EcoCabinet fuelcell Autobahndirektion NordbayernFor the motorway agency the purchase is not a one-off case. They already have experience with fuel cells and want to test further systems to determine the most suitable machine for a large-scale implementation. In the near future, applications at motorway building sites will be supplied with clean and reliable electricity from fuel cell systems.

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