Siqens joins the Cleantech Ones to Watch List

Making headway in the hard fought cleantech startup environment is a challenge. The competition for attention and investors is considerable. Outstanding companies with highly innovative products in areas such as energy efficiency, mobility, smart grid and advanced materials compete for best place in the 10th edition of the Global Cleantech 100 list. Using research data and expert panels the Cleantech Group chose the most innovative and promising ideas from more than 12,000 nominations worldwide.

Siqens has made it to the Ones to Watch List, a select group of companies that are highly interesting to key investors and corporates in the market. This puts us within reach of the Global Cleantech 100 for next year’s edition. The expert panel evaluating the innovations gave strong support to Siqens’ Ecoport 800 fuel cell as a viable option for clean and efficient off-grid power supply for stationary and mobile applications such telecommunications and electric vehicles. We are making headway towards our vision of replacing diesel generators and supplying safe and clean power now and in the future.