Why promote fuel cells in Asia?

Siqens is heading off to the Cleantech Asia Summit from November 13 – 14, 2018 in Singapore. This is a meeting point for local, regional and global networks of entrepreneurial companies, investors and corporations working on the future of energy, power, mobility, waste and resource use. Is this really reason enough to travel that far?

More people live in Asia than anywhere else in the world. Urbanisation continues to expand rapidly. Most of the world’s heavy industries are located here and the majority of the world’s products come from this region. Asia is growing. But according to the organisers of the Cleantech Summit, resource-efficiency is far behind its potential. Solutions are needed. Now these are good reasons to go.

Asia is also a vast place – think of China or the many Indonesian islands – creating a serious challenge for infrastructure projects such as telecommunications. A classic case for off-grid energy supply. Enter Siqens with its excellent Methanol fuel cell providing clean, silent and low-maintenance power as a stand-alone power source, backup power or in combination with wind and solar.

That is why Thomas Esser, Director Investor Relations and Partnering at Siqens, has been invited to speak at the Asia Cleantech Summit. He will be championing the high-temperature methanol fuel cell as the innovative energy solution for off-grid applications in the low kW range. The days of loud, smelly and costly diesel generators are coming to an end. Who does not want to be part of this trend?

Contact: presse@siqens.de