SIQENS launches the EcoCabinet

Siqens EcoCabinet als Komplettlösung für Off-grid Stromversorgung

With the EcoCabinet (view datasheet), SIQENS offers a complete solution for off-grid power supply. In less than three hours installation time, 100% energy assurance is provided. Thanks to the EcoCabinet, uncomplicated, stationary power supply has become even easier.

The system is designed for customers who, for example, operate an off-grid hut with PV system and battery and need an energy solution for bad weather and evening time. A diesel generator is out of the question. There is also no space to locate the fuel cell in the house. The weatherproof switch cabinet is installed nearby. Fuel cell, methanol cartridges and accessories are stowed away and the power cable is connected to the in-house battery. From now on, the PV system and fuel cell will work together and provide 100% power at all times. Industrial customers are also well served with the EcoCabinet. For example, construction site surveillance can be up and running quickly and easily with SIQENS’ all-round energy solution. Stable as well as the clean, low-maintenance and noiseless operation make the Ecoport fuel cell an ideal energy provider for stationary off-grid power.

Siqens EcoCabinet und Ecoport mit Wohnwagon am Tegernsee

The EcoCabinet includes the Ecoport 800 fuel cell, control panel, modem, electrical distribution and fuses, 3 x 25 l QE charge methanol cartridges, outdoor switch cabinet, battery and additional accessories. Everything you need to deliver immediate reliable power.

The EcoCabinet Data Sheet is available to download. Are you interested? Contact us at: