Tiny House gets backup power from the EcoCabinet

Would you like to feel free and independent on holiday? Yes, even freer, even more independent! For many, a good holiday means – besides relaxation and experiences – an increase in freedom. Being independent of the rhythms of everyday life and the routines of the working week. And in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, this is especially easy. Mountain air, altitudes, alpine views and clear lakes embody simplicity and freedom.

Siqens EcoCabinet and Ecoport Almwagen Max Tegernsee

Siqens installs the EcoCabinet

Nevertheless, you want a lovely living space. This needn’t be a contradiction. The Almwagen „Max“ am Tegernsee, a Tiny House concept developed by the Wohnwagon and run hosted by Daniel, provides an uncomplicated access to the Alps and is, at the same time, completely self-sufficient. The electricity comes from the sun, the water is cleaned with plants, the house is made of high-quality wood and all around are meadows and hedges. An ideal place for free recreation.

Siqens EcoCabinet and Ecoport Almwagen Max Tegernsee

Daniel, owner of the Almwagen talking to Richard, Siqens

And now more freedom has been added. SIQENS installed its EcoCabinet, a complete ready-to-go ECOPORT system for stationary use, which will deliver backup power for the holiday guests – free of noise and exhaust fumes. Because at night or when the sun is not shining, self-sufficiency quickly comes to an end. With the innovative SIQENS fuel cell, and in combination with photovoltaics, one hundred percent independence is achieved without loss of comfort.

Siqens EcoCabinet and Ecoport Almwagen Max Tegernsee

The EcoCabinet with Ecoport.

A little bit about the technology and installation. The caravan and location for the EcoCabinet were ready when the SIQENS team arrived. The EcoCabinet contains the fuel cell, a lithium-ion battery, remote monitoring and space for up to three 25 l QE methanol cartridges. In addition, there are the connections, exhaust pipes, voltage converters, electrical distribution and battery status indicator. Everything you need to power a off-grid house. The installation went smoothly. All components were stored in the EcoCabinet, the power cable was connected to the caravans battery system and then buried in the ground. The Ecoport was started with the help of the ControlPanel and checked for reliable operation by remote monitoring on the laptop. Done.


Siqens EcoCabinet and Ecoport Almwagen Max Tegernsee

Ecoport with ControlPanel

Ecoport and the photovoltaic system are now working together to supply the caravan and the guests with independent electricity. This is how it works: The Ecoport charges the in-house battery to 80%, the solar panels take care of the rest. Daniel and the guests have nothing to worry about. Switching between the two energy sources is fully automatic. That’s comfort, after all.

Siqens EcoCabinet and Ecoport for Almwagen Max Tegernsee

Almwagen battery before and after the Ecoport installation

And now? For SIQENS, Daniel and Theresa from wohnwagon.at this is a test run. Together, we want to discover the potential of combing fuel cell, solar and self-sufficient Tiny House living – for freedom, sustainability and a clear focus on the essentials in life.

Are you interested in the EcoCabinet and Ecoport? Get in contact: presse@siqens.de

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