Ecoport 800 increases the availability of solar and wind power facilities to 100%

Our expectations were completely exceeded by the pre-production tests. Each test confirmed a methanol consumption of only 0.6 l per kWh. Fuel consumption was at least 35% lower compared to other fuel cells. Ecoport 800 is the most efficient of its kind.

It is operated with untreated, commercially available, technical methanol. With so-called IBCs (m³- containers) self-sufficient operation of more than 3.000h can be achieved. The consequence: Ecoport 800 will operate continuously for 24 hours a day for four months without any maintenance. This has a direct impact on maintenance costs.

In Germany, an IBC filled with methanol is available for about 90 ct./l. Therefore, Ecoport 800 produces one kWh of electrical energy for only 55 ct. This means about 80% lower fuel costs than comparable products making Siqens the technology leader in methanol fuel cells.