Siqens presents at the Shanghai New Energy Auto Show 2016

Managing director Lars Behrend demonstrates how the Ecoport 800 doubles the range of battery-driven delivery vehicles.

As one of ten companies, Siqens took part in a business trip to China at the beginning of November. The intention of the trip was to get informed about the rapidly growing electric mobility market in China. With stopovers in Beijing and Shanghai, managing director Dr. Lars Behrend, held meetings with company executives from automotive companies, government agencies and universities.

The core of the trip was visiting the New Energy Auto Show in Shanghai. Dr. Behrend presented driving cycle simulations of electric vehicles with Siqens’ new fuel cell, the Ecoport 800, as a new concept to ensure full range in all driving situations. Even though batteries performance is increasing, their low energy density remains a problem. A liquid fuel such as methanol has a 15 times higher energy density than next generation lithium ion batteries.

In future, the use of methanol as a source of electricity and heat can make the extended range of electric vehicles more cost-efficient. Dr. Behrend presented the new hybrid concept in Shanghai and demonstrated how even a small combined heat and power unit such as the Ecoport 800 can clearly increase the range of electric vehicles, especially in winter or heavy traffic situations. The unpredictable range of different driving conditions, in particular, prevents many consumers from switching to e-mobility. Siqens’ goal for the coming months is to verify the results from the simulation with the help of a test vehicle.